3rd Annual Kids Climate Conference Coming Up

Nijmegen, The Netherlands —The Kids Climate Conference began three years ago in The Netherlands as a climate summit for juniors as an initiative of the World Nature Fund (WNF) and Center Parcs. In a short time this successful initiative has grown in to an event which utilizes the creativity of children to generate solutions to contribute to a sustainable earth.


Healthy seas and oceans are essential for life on our planet but unfortunately, due to pollution, over-fishing, and climate change, things are not going well.  Dutch children find it high time to take action and that’s why this year the Kids Climate Conference focuses on a challenge that has worldwide attention: clean, healthy seas and oceans.


In the Heijder forest near Nijmegen more than 100 children, ages 8 to 14, will spend three days searching for creative solutions for a better future.  ‘Care for water’ is the central theme, this year, with other themes including: flora & fauna, nutrition, recycling, and climate.


Princess Laurentien of Orange, founder and director of the Missing Chapter Foundation, will speak with the children during the conference about their ideas and solutions for clean oceans and a healthier earth. The Missing Chapter Foundation (MCF) stimulates children to think about current, relevant issues like energy use and climate change. They put children in touch with politicians, company directors and other administrators.  The MCF thereby ensures that feedback occurs over what is being, or will be, done with the children’s ideas.


Twelve recommendations for better use of water in the world will be selected at the end of the climate summit. These recommendations will be signed by top promoters and ultimately presented, in the form of a ‘Climate Bundle’ to the Lower House of the Dutch government.

Kathryn Hannis

Kathryn spent the first half of her life in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. Then, just as she was about to begin her freshman year in high school, her family uprooted and transplanted to The Hague, the Netherlands, Europe. Kathryn studied Environmental Engineering at NAU, in Flagstaff, Arizona, and then later moved back to the Netherlands to get a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Technology.

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