Carnival Atmosphere March For Disinvestment Of Fossil Fuels (Video)

Bright Now believes that churches need to disinvest from fossil fuel companies, if they are to retain their integrity in the face of climate change. So they took part in the 40,000-strong festive Climate Change march in London last month.


Imagine a tree in the middle of a London park covered in colorful decorations as though it was Christmas. Only these were heartfelt pleas written on labels and tied to the branches by individuals urging their government to take climate action on different climate issues. This is how Bright Now started off the event.

Then they held a multi-faith gathering next to the decorate tree and read Desmond Tutu’s prayer about ‘greed having established an economy that is destroying the web of life.’ Tutu’s words put purpose into the people’s step as they joined 40,000 people marching to Westminster.

It was a carnival atmosphere! There were drummers, singers, giant animals and carbon bubbles. In addition to Bright Now posters, other posters called for divestment as well as a stop to fracking and coal burning plus no more tax breaks for oil and gas companies. In case government didn’t hear Bright Now, the group made an “almighty racket” outside Downing Street and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Gloria Christie

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