Protestors Sentenced For Protesting Animal Testing (Video)

Six members of Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) who targeted Huntingdon Life Sciences’ (HLC) customers and suppliers went to court on October 10, 2014. Video footage showed the small group holding signs, walking peacefully and speaking through megaphones. This video shows what they were protesting:


HLC is an internationally held research firm that helps companies develop new pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and chemicals to meet regulatory guidelines. It is Europe’s largest animal testing organization with companies also in New Jersey and Japan.

All the protestors remained outside of the HLC building in their private parking lot with the exception of one individual.

Despite the police’s best attempt to select their highlights of the ‘worst’ clips from hundreds of hours of CCTV, the video evidence was so uneventful that the Judge frequently asked for it to be fast forwarded.

The prosecution said the London protests interfered with their “contractual relationships and harmed the laboratory…(and) caused disruption and distress to the staff of the companies.”  The SOCPA7 defends protesters who face up to 5 years in prison for fighting animal testing.  SHAC members argued they didn’t know they were breaking any laws, and they were on bail already at least two years.

The judge said HLS is controversial, but the protestors “held a campaign of harassment and intimidation which bred fear within the company,” and knew the risks of participating. The group was “convicted on technicalities such as aggravated trespass.” Sentences ranged from 12 months in prison to a six weeks suspended sentence.” They received fines of $800 US.

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