Author: Chris Auman

Chris Auman is a freelance writer, musician and comic & zine creator based in Madison, Wisconsin. He cooks part-time at the vegetarian Green Owl Cafe in Madison when he is not writing about cooking, biking, music, comics and whatever else interests him that day.

Book Review: Everyday Cheesemaking

EVERYDAY CHEESEMAKING “How to Succeed Making Dairy and Nut Cheese at Home” K. Ruby Blume [Microcosm] Whenever I read a book or a zine, I learn something—not necessarily a life-altering philosophical truth, but facts,...


9 Honest Answers About Locally Sourced Food

Dana Cox Lipe is a Chef, Mother, Wife and an outspoken advocate for the consumption of locally sourced food. As a part of Dana’s  Honest Meal Project, she spent an entire year eating only...


5 Amazing Green House Designs

There is a growing interest in sustainable living and that includes making one’s entire home eco-friendly. Here are five green home designs that incorporate elements of cost, climate, sustainability and, of course, they are...

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5 Wild Plants You Can Eat

[socialpoll id=”2186943″] You don’t have to be a survivalist or a forager to appreciate some of the edible wild plants that are found throughout the Midwest region of the US. You may simply need...