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LED Lightbulbs Are Energy Efficient - Find the Best Deals 0

GE to Phase Out CFL Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs were invented 130 years ago and we have come a long way since the original Edison lightbulbs. GE announced this week that this year, it will cease production of its coiled compact fluorescent...

Coffee Pod green alternatives. Wasteful coffee pods may be coming to an end. 0

Is the Coffee Pod Trend Coming to an End?

The Washington Post reports this week that sales of Keurig, maker of coffee pod machines and coffee pods is declining in sales. When they first launched, the single-serve method grew impressively. Caffeinated: How Our Daily...

Why Mars Is Not A Good Backup Planet [VIDEO] 0

Why Mars Is Not A Good Backup Planet [VIDEO]

Stellar astronomer and TED Senior Fellow Lucianne Walkowicz works on NASA’s Kepler mission, searching for places in the universe that could support life. So it’s worth a listen when she asks us to think...