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Agriculture, GMOs, over-fishing, food systems, and other food concerns.


Toxic Chocolate Valentine Surprise

OAKLAND, CA – Consumer health watchdog As You Sow filed notices of legal action today against Hershey’s, See’s Candies, and Mars. The notices allege violation of California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act...


9 Honest Answers About Locally Sourced Food

Dana Cox Lipe is a Chef, Mother, Wife and an outspoken advocate for the consumption of locally sourced food. As a part of Dana’s  Honest Meal Project, she spent an entire year eating only...


Well House Food Justice Workshop

Grand Rapids, MI – Well House is a West Michigan nonprofit dedicated to fixing vacant houses to be used by homeless individuals as low cost shelter. In Kent County alone there are 19 vacant...


The Challenges of the World’s Food Systems

EU – Food, water and energy systems are becoming increasingly vulnerable: over the next 20 years the global demand for energy and water, is projected to rise by 40%. The food system, linked to...