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Quarantined After Arriving from Macau is no More



So far, China, especially Beijing, has implemented strict regulations regarding quarantine rules after arriving at the destination from Macau. The previous quarantine was carried out for 14 days or two weeks after arrival from Macau via any route and post-quarantine health surveillance for seven days which brought the total restrictions to 21 days. This regulation applied with caution against COVID-19 infection which is still unfinished.

However, on Sunday 24th of October 2021, this regulation has been abolished and all arrivals originating from Macau are not required to undergo 14 days of quarantine plus seven days of post-quarantine surveillance. This information was provided by the Macau Coronavirus Countermeasures Agency. According to them, Macau is now stable and there is no need for quarantine and strict supervision to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus.

Instead of this regulation, individuals arriving from Macau must undergo a nucleic acid amplification test or commonly known as RT-PCR (Real-Time PCR). The new regulations also indicate that individuals or groups who come into contact with sufferers are prohibited from entering other cities until a seven-day special surveillance period is completed in Macau. This decision was issued by the Macau government on Friday 22 October 2021.

Macau was previously a red zone (yellow according to some experts) which means it is an area that is still not free from COVID-19 and cases there tend to be more frequent. On this basis, traveling from Macau to other places is constrained due to restrictions on what to do before and after the flight. This leaves many airports with fewer scheduled flights than usual. This rule has been implemented by the government since the end of last September and only relaxed at the end of this October. The reason for this relaxation is that Macau is no longer considered a red-yellow zone by the local Coronavirus Prevention Agency.

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