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Things to Visit During Your Stay in Macau



Macau is a popular place all over the world and attracts many tourists both domestically and abroad. Located about 60 kilometers from Hong Kong, many things are waiting for tourists to see and visit. The city is rich in history and many relics that tourists can enjoy while there. In addition, Macau also has many unique things such as culture and culinary specialties

If you come to Macau for the first time, you will be confused by the many tourist destinations that exist. However, don’t worry, here are the tourist destinations that we have summarized so you can visit them.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The remains of the buildings and ruins of what used to be the cathedral. This place is one of Macau’s famous landmarks. The history of this cathedral is not arbitrary and has many important points. It began to be renovated in 1637 and construction was completed in 1640. The underlying reason for this renovation was a fire in 1637 which made the cathedral almost non-functional so renovations were urgently needed. The first renovations were carried out by Christians from Japan and made this cathedral have the same architectural style as the Gesu Church from Rome. Until finally a hurricane and fire destroyed the cathedral in 1835. No action was taken to restore it so only rubble remained. However, the grandeur of this cathedral remains from the existing ruins.

A-Ma Temple

A shrine dedicated to the Goddess Matsu and founded in 1488 on the Macau Peninsula. Macau has a history of being a Portuguese colony and it was this temple that would make the Portuguese name the city where this temple is located decades later. Kul is one of the historical centers that tourists can visit while in Macau. The temple has six accessible points; Main Gate, Hall of Prayer, Arch of Memorial, Benevolence Hall, Zhengjiao Chanlin, and Guanyin Hall. The temple also has many statues and the most famous are the statue of Goddess Matsu and the lion statues that are scattered in various parts of the temple. In addition, this temple also has beautiful surrounding scenery.

Fortaleza do Monte

Portugal and its heritage while in Macau can still be felt in this building. This building was once a testament to the Portuguese military presence in Macau. Currently this building is a museum containing Macau archeology and anthropology which is proof that Macanese, Chinese, and Portuguese lived together in Macau for some time. The mansion and flower gardens are also well-maintained here and are relics of Sun Yat-sen, the first founder of the Chinese Republic. Not far away there is also a maritime museum that tourists can visit before or after from here, depending on where you come from.

Maritime Museum

A building with a modern feel as opposed to the previous A-Ma Temple. This museum has a large collection of historical equipment related to maritime as the name suggests. Some of them are fishing rods, ships, and Macau’s maritime history. There are also Chinese Dragon boats, canoes, and other types of boats used by people to escape from Vietnam. Besides the museum, there is also a theme park called Macau Fisherman’s Wharf which contains many restaurants, shops, and interesting attractions.

Senado Square

In a place surrounded by a lot of real historical evidence in the form of buildings and many other relics, that’s Senado Square. As the historical heart of Macau, this place has many things that seem to be a lot of historical gatherings from various parts of the city. Built-in 1784, this building is quite old and was restored in 1940. There are many things you can do here such as walking on the sidewalks while enjoying the many decorations and views of historical buildings, shopping for waste, looking for souvenirs, visiting street vendors, and many more. There is also a library containing tens of thousands of rare manuscripts that are several centuries old.

Giant Panda Pavilion

If you are satisfied with historical destinations, then now is the time to see something that can refresh you. This building offers a grand and open atmosphere with its see-through roof. Here you can also see pandas walking here and there. This place is perfect for families. It takes a little off the main route to get to this building, but instead, there are fewer people here and it’s not as crowded as other tourist destinations.

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